a grey heart

Ciao darlings!

This past spring, I had the snippet of an idea and well. . . it became something more than an abstract idea. It became a short story. Full of feeling, it may make you cry. I would grab a box of tissues and chocolates before you begin.

Presenting for your reading enjoyment. . .*drum roll please*

A Grey Heart

Shoulders slumped. Steps shuffling. Heavy footsteps. Audra’s heavy heart was clearly shown. Or so she thought. She felt open, vulnerable, wounded…wounded deeply. She was past caring. Miles past loving, or showing feeling of any kind.

Audra’s striped socks slipped down. Looking at her feet, she sighed and that conversation came to mind…ugly and twisted…

“Your socks are so ugly. And weird. Just like you.”

She remembered her mouth dropping open and a dart plunging deep into her heart. That new group of friends joined in on the fun.

“Totally strange.”



Her ex-friend, once biting her lip at such insults, threw herself in.  “Why would anyone be friends with you, creep?”

Audra snapped back to reality and sadly and slowly slipped into the library. Memories of weekly trips and conversations of books beloved by both girls shot to her mind. Her heart, broken, refused to heal. She ignored pleasant faces, welcoming looks, and open arms. Why would she want comfort? She thought she was past help or aid of any kind. “How can anyone know what I’ve gone through? How could they help me? The pain is…to deep” she thought.

Quickly checking her books out and paying her fines, Audra almost ran outside. Her face was threatening to break. Her composure was almost gone. “Don’t break here and now,” she told herself. “You can and will make it through.”

The sky was threatening to burst. Grey clouds brooded and silently and placidly collided. Audra raised her big eyes heavenward. Round, they reflected the moon of the early evening. The grey luminescence seemed to reflect her heart, laid open upon the sky. Raindrops fell on the sky, thunder sounding as if it was a relief. The drops slid off her nose. Were they tears or rain droplets? Either way, they mingled.

Did she feel relief or more pain? Thoughts of anguish intersected those of fleeting peace. Why did it run away from her? Audra could see calmness evading her every grasp and snatch. Turmoil lurked in the corners of her mind, ready to prey on her fears and troubles, like an old, yet unwanted, friend.

A car rattled past noisily. Down the street, a cat meowed hungrily. Audra, looking down at her soaked clothing, ran home, clutching her bag to her chest.

Hmm. . . It really makes you think, doesn’t it? and cry?

What do you think? How would you deal with this situation?

Did you enjoy reading it? Let me know in the comments!


Back to the writing desk,

live creatively ☼


5 thoughts on “a grey heart

  1. Great writing, Gaby ❤ It’s well-written and expresses a lot of emotion 😊
    I wanted to let you know that I made a new blog! If you’d like to check it out, you’re very welcome to ❤️

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