DIY Marbling

Happy Monday and here's a tutorial! Here is another tutorial using stuff you should have at home. 🙂🎨 Materials needed: Shaving cream, food coloring, credit card, newspaper, cardstock, plastic ruler, paper towels Step 1. Prepare your work space. Spread the newspaper on your table about 3 layers thick or more. Step 2. Spray the shaving … Continue reading DIY Marbling

How to make a stencil

Hey! It's Gaby with a new tutorial: stencil making. Here's what you need: clear plastic sheet (I used some packaging from a box. You could use cardboard but it wouldn't last as long) a detail/precision knife scissors permanent marker (Sharpies work great) something to stencil (I used Adobe Illustrator to print out a pattern of … Continue reading How to make a stencil