a 2020 photo dump

happy new year to y’all!

I hope you, reader, had a restful and reinvigorating Christmas and New Year holiday! I certainly enjoyed the break from deadlines, work, and studying. Stepping away from the routine and rhythm of everyday life is necessary and healthy in order to restore your well-being. So far, I’ve filled my time with catching up on audio books, painting with watercolors, working on graphic design projects, and cleaning things I’ve neglected over the semester.

I thought I would take you through a few highlights of my photo reel from the past year as we wrap up 2020 and begin with this fresh slate of the new year. I’ve edited a few of these photos using Adobe Lightroom and the photos app on my phone.

Dec 24 – For Christmas Eve, I cooked and baked brunch for my family. A few of the delicious items were cinnamon sugar scones, lemon glazed muffins, and a spinach-mushroom-potato quiche.

Dec 19 – We were on our way to a hike and the foggy, overcast weather was so cozy and lovely.

Nov 24 – During a nighttime stroll, the sky was so clear that I was able to glimpse the moon and a few twinkling stars.

Nov 7 – While waiting for my sister to take her exam, my parents and I went on a short hike. Taking a hike after not hiking for several months and while wearing jeans was death. But the view was so rewarding at the top!

Sept 19 – A trip to the beach :))

Aug 13 – Shoshone Falls, Idaho. I managed to catch a beautiful rainbow arc too!

Aug 6 – Going-to-the-sun Road, Glacier National Park, Montana. I love the contrast of the glaciers in the background with the tall, majestic trees.

Aug 5 – Trail of the Cedars, Glacier National Park, Montana. I waited for a good while to catch this shot – why can’t people pass by faster?

Aug 1 – Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. Aren’t the colors gorgeous and vibrant? What you don’t see though is the extreme heat and stench – there’s no tree cover, so you’re out in the bright sun all the time.

Jul 28 – Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. We stopped on the side of the road as we were driving in.

Jun 29 – I took a socially-distanced walk with a friend, who wrote this post and this post incidentally, after not seeing for a while at our local park.

Here’s to 2021! I hope that you stay safe and healthy during this time.

live creatively,


16 thoughts on “a 2020 photo dump

  1. Spectacular photos!!! You really can appreciate God in all of them for His wonderful creations! You do get around, don’t you? We are the lucky recipients of your gorgeous photos.


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