An Interview with Willow City (feat. Willow City, Gracie Marchiani)

Hello friends!

I’ve been listening to Willow City’s amazing albums lately. So, I decided to contact them with the lovely Gracie @ Gracie Marchiani. We sent an email and hoped for the best.

And guess what?

They replied!

Here’s the interview:

1. How do you juggle school/work and touring/producing music and having a social life?
At times it’s hard to juggle everything! But that’s where priorities come into play – you have to decide what’s important and what to focus on, and then do it! Especially keeping the long-term in mind. Bob Goff talks about interviewing yourself in 10 years, and then using where you WANT to be to dictate what you DO today. As far as having a social life, we try to surround ourselves with great friends who are creating and telling amazing stories with their lives. Often we find that our “social life” is interacting with, and getting to know, folks we’re working alongside. But it’s important to have friends outside of music as well because they can give you such a different perspective on life (which is a great thing!).
2. What’s the best part and worst part of working with your siblings?
The best part? They know you the best of anyone – you can just look at each other onstage and know what the other person is thinking! The worst part? They know you the best of anyone!
3. What was the inspiration behind your band?
Well, first, we wanted to show the world that families can work together and have fun at the same time. In 2017 the Lord really began to give us a clear vision for the band. Someone told us that we “weren’t qualified” to perform and tour and share music with others. That was a big blow to our confidence, but after praying about it and having mentors speak into our lives, we realized that so often people who haven’t been able to live out their purpose/dreams will try to crush someone else’s purpose and/or dreams. It will hurt when people criticize, and the best thing we can do is to love them back. Our mission now is to create music that “Inspires Happy”. Music that cuts through the negativity that we see all around us in the world today. We want to inspire others to pursue their calling even if it means going against the grain.
4. In retrospective, what would you say to yourself 5 years ago?
Laugh and have fun together! And don’t stress – the Lord will work everything out.
5. What are your plans for the future?
To make music that will become theme songs for our audiences’ lives! We’ll focus heavily on YouTube in 2019, as well as creating and releasing new music!
6. Favorite song right now?
Hmmm… “Kids” by Ben Rector!
7. Any crazy stories from touring?
On our first tour out to California, we were playing a show in Montana (yep, we know that’s a roundabout way to get to California from Texas). We had to go over a mountain pass, and at the very top, it started hailing on us. The road got so icy that our car and trailer were sliding all over the road – not a fun thing when you have a thousand-foot drop right next to you and no guardrail! We had a show in two hours… and had to pull over and wait out the storm. Thankfully it finally cleared and we made it with 30 minutes to spare. That was the most terrifying pre-show road trip we’ve had! 😉


I would like to thank Willow City for agreeing to the interview!

And Gracie and I decided to do a fun little Q & A together.

Here are Gracie’s answers to my questions:

1. How did you hear of Willow City?– I heard about Willow City from Girl Defined, they had a YouTube video interview with them. After that I then I got hooked.
2. What bands are you really liking right now?– Willow City…Spencer Kane…and Abigail Duhon, at least this week. 😀
3. Favorite song at the moment? and why?-Abigail Duhon – “I’m Not Ashamed”. It is a wonderful reminder to not be ashamed of your faith and to not be afraid to share about it.
4. Favorite song of Willow City’s?– Off their album, not counting their covers and singles, I’d say Brand New. 🙂
5. What’s the weirdest song you like?I Love My Mom, by Blake Rules. He does super creative raps for kids, love ’em!
6. Favorite study music?-I am guessing you mean music I like to listen to while studying…I’d have to say rap music where I don’t know the words so I can’t get distracted, or music I have never listened to- for the same reason. Otherwise, I get distracted and wanna start singing. 😛
I hope y’all enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it! Be sure to check out Gracie’s post!
Have you ever heard of Willow City? What are your favorite bands?
Let’s chat!
As always,
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