Bloggers I Follow (and why you should check them out!)

Hi guys!! It’s blogging time! Today, I’ll be sharing which bloggers I follow and why.

1. Dawn Nicole Designs

I’ve been following her the longest.

  • Blogger behind is Dawn, living in Germany. She is a Tombow ambassador,
  • Content includes: Cricut/Silhouette files and tutorials, lettering, watercolor, guest bloggers, Adobe Cloud tutorials, Procreate, and so much more…
  • I find her materials clear and engaging. Her brush lettering tutorials really helped me to become better. I highly recommend the worksheets!!
  • She also reviews art supplies which I find so helpful when I shop…

2. The Postman’s Knock

  • Blogger Behind is Lindsey in Colorado, USA
  • She is a calligrapher and a artist.
  • Her tutorials are so pretty and helpful.
  • I just used her Beginner’s Guide to Modern Calligraphy to purchase some nibs and supplies. It was very helpful. I’ll be doing a post of the supplies later !

3. Fox and Hazel 

  • Blogger Behind is Torrie, a mix media artist
  • She has great mix media tutorials using acrylic paint and collage and lettering. Plus, free stuff.

4. Jane Davenport

  • Blogger Behind is Jane Davenport, based in Australia
  • Mix media is her thing.
  • She also has a line of products at Michael’s. I use several of her products and they are great!

5. Boho Berry

  • Blogger Behind is Kara Benz
  • Bullet journal-ling, time management, writing, pens, planning…
  • Her bullet journal 101 posts were so helpful to me when I began bullet journal-ling.
  • Her bullet journal spreads are Amazing

6. Pretty Prints & Paper

  • Blogger Behind is Jess
  • Bullet journal, management, life, brush lettering
  • Her bullet journal stuff were very helpful
  • Her bullet journal tutorials, brush calligraphy stuff are pretty cool

7. Pigeon Letters

  • Blogger Behind is Peggy Dean, based in the Pacific Northwest
  • I just started following her
  • She has great step by step drawing books. I have the Botanical Drawing one.
  • She also classes


Well…do you have suggestions for other bloggers to follow? Let me know and please follow!





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