Flourishes, Fonts, and Florals: A Guide to Creating Beautiful Notes (Collab with Sydney)

Hello, lovelies!

Today is a special day! How’s are your school supplies? Boring? Uninteresting but full of information you need to learn? Well, I can relate. In the second semester, the joy and enthusiasm (or lack thereof) have worn off and you need to be rejuvenated with some artistic joy. But fear not! I’m sharing some ways I beautify my notes. And the amazing Sydney at The Weekly Adventurer.

Supplies I used:

  • Tombow TwinTown Dual Tip markers in Brights and Pastels
  • Tombow Dual Tip Brush markers in the Bright and Portrait packs
  • uni-ball Signo Micro 207 gel pen
  • Jane Davenport paint markers
  • washi tape
  • ribbon
  • random scrap pieces of paper

Where can I use these tips?

  • planners
  • bullet journals
  • study sheets
  • reference sheets
  • notebooks

Basic techniques

  • bullet points
  • headers
  • index cards
  • labeling

Tip 1: Flourishes: washi tape, stickers, paper


Isn’t this gorgeous? I had a blank page in my literature notes and decided to put in a quote. I used a typewriter to write a nonsensical story as the background. The elephant is a cutout made from a page from Ivanhoe by Walter Scott. You don’t have to make a new page of art. Glue in a printable or write a simple quote and add stickers.

Tip 2: Fonts: brush markers, serif, sans serif




In these pictures, I’ve done a variety of fonts and colored pens. Simply changing your pen can make it more interesting. Practice brush lettering or try writing like Times New Roman. Challenge yourself. Maybe line your brush lettering with a thin pen to bring contrast.

Tip 3: Florals/images: stickers, hand drawn, graphics


Look familiar? This is a page from my bullet journal. I stuck some floral stickers for a pop of color. I cut out the “LOVE” image from an IKEA magazine. Collage is a great method. Try sticking one image down and use it as a focal piece.

Be sure to check out Sydney’s post as well!

What do you think? What do you do to beautify your notes? What’s your go-to pen?

gaby watercolor 3



14 thoughts on “Flourishes, Fonts, and Florals: A Guide to Creating Beautiful Notes (Collab with Sydney)

  1. i loved this gaby! weird… wordpress deleted my post. i salvaged as much as i could from what i could remember. so sorry about the inconvience. my post should be going up asap!!
    i love your collaging, the florals are so aesthetic.
    it was a pleasure collabing with you. (:
    sydney xx


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