Blog News 8/1/18

Blog News 8/1/18

Hello peeps!

Long time no see, eh? I’ve just come back from about 7Β  weeks of a restful, blog-free hiatus. Where have I been? Well, I went to two camps at the local community college (yahoo for easy college credit), went to vacation (more on this later–hints: got to see the Creation Museum + the Ark Encounter + Fort McHenry…), and bemoaned (still doing this) the fact of summer homework.

I’m related, revitalized, and renewed! Taking a break from blogging allows one to change priorities and focusing on other things. It puts a big red STOP sign to running ragged. Blogging (and any other time-consuming activity) takes so much energy, planning, and TIME. Hiatuses, breaks, or whatever you call them are needed from every activity or more commonly know as everyday life.

I loved not thinking about my next post or keeping collab agreements or how long it was since I posted. But…I’m glad to be back… .better than ever. Get ready for some fresh content, collabs, and tags/awards!

I’m still on a hiatus from tags and awards, so please do not tag or award me! Thanks!

Attention: Currently on the lookout for fellow collaborators. . .more on this soon. . .




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