My Creative Moods

“What ho!”–Bertram Wooster

(Bonus points if you know where the quote came from😁) It’s me, Gaby, with so more thoughts.

Do you ever feel that you are in a creative slump or in no mood to do anything creative?  I do.  Sometimes I get a “get messy” and “paint covered finger” craving.  Does this sound weird? Maybe I’m the only one 😆😝.  *laughs and chuckles*  Oh well!

How do you get over this?  I suggest waiting it out. Maybe you were waiting for something more dramatic? I think it’s good to take a break from all things good. It gives your mind a chance to rest, recuperate, and to revive your creative fund.

Two weeks ago, my right arm was aching, sore, and hurting. I began to rub it, stretch and rehab it. I also decided (very hard) to take a break from all art and to minimize my typing an handwriting. It was extremely hard. I struggled: I almost began hand-lettering the titles on my school notes. BUT I needed it! After a break, I felt very rejuvenated plus I spent my free time that week doing other things like reading and cleaning.

Do you have moods, or more specifically, creative moods? Tell me in the comments!

Hope you enjoyed it!


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