Bullet Journal: September Set Up

Hello fellow artists and non-artists!

It’s another edition of Bullet Journal.

The theme is light lavender with delicate flowers.

Here’s my monthly spread! I’m favoring the boxed style currently.

Sept Bujo

My beautiful habit tracker! I highlight every other line to make it more colorful and so the lines are more evident.

Sept Habit Tracker

This my first week’s spread.

Sept Spread

Here is a new feature: the color board for fall (I know, it does say September). I’ve used Tombow Dual Tips, Papermate Flair Pens, Daiso highlighters, and Micron Pigma pens.


This is the third week’s spread. Isn’t colorful and gorgeous? I used tissue paper and Jane Davenport collage papers, and a gum wrapper.

sept spread 5.png

Which spread did you like the best? Comment below!

That’s it, folks. Till October!

gaby watercolor 3



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