Sailing in San Francisco Bay

Hello there!

I recently went sailing in the Golden Gate Bay in the schooner Freda B.

schooner–noun–a sailing ship with two or more masts, typically with the foremast smaller than the mainmast, and having gaff-rigged lower masts.

It was the first time sailing (other than being on ferry boats) and I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. Even though it was chilly and windy (thanks for making me bring a jacket, mom!). We went from Sausalito and sailed right under the Golden Gate Bridge.  Enjoy the photos!


The San Francisco Skyline



Isn’t it gorgeous even though the sky is a bit overcast?


See the birds skimming the water’s surface?
Here’s a view of the rigging!



Have you ever been sailing? Do you get seasick?

gaby watercolor 3

12 thoughts on “Sailing in San Francisco Bay

  1. Moms always know when to insist their kids being a jacket!! 😂 How do they know?! haha I loved seeing all these pictures! Even though it was cloudy/foggy the day you went, the photos turned out great 😍 I love the ones with the bridge in it!
    Funny thing about me is that I have yet to be on a boat, of any kind. 😆 SOMEDAY!

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