Calligraphy Supplies Review

Happy new year to you all!

Can’t wait to share all these new supplies.

I recently bought some calligraphy supplies from Paper and Ink Arts during Cyber Monday. Here’s what I got: 2 Nikko G nibs, 1 Brause EF nib, Kuretake Sumi Ink, Turquoise Manuscript holder, Turned Oblique Holder, Kuretake Gansai Tambi Metallic Watercolors

I mostly followed the Postman’s Knock’s recommended beginner list and added a few other items. I really admire her artistry in modern calligraphy. It’s simply beautiful. She also has great courses; however I’m not currently doing them. Check her website out.

My thoughts…

The Postman’s Knock proved to be my very helpful guide here. The whole setup was very simple. Putting the nibs into the holders is very intuitive and doesn’t require fancy knowledge. Before using the ink, I had to clean the nibs of the oils and such using toothpaste and a toothbrush.


Kuretake Sumi Ink in a cosmetic container
I poured some of the sumi ink into a smaller cosmetic jar for easy nib dipping. On a side note, sumi ink is actually the ink also used by Chinese brush art. You just dip! To use the metallic watercolors and any other color “block,” you must mix water and color to get a the desired shade AND thin-ness for writing. If it is too thick, the nib will not operate. I like using a syringe or spray bottle to moisten the blocks, then I use a water brush to coat the nib.


Turquoise Manuscript Holder and Turned Wood Oblique Holder

Straight or oblique? I now actually prefer the oblique. The straight holder was easy to pick up and go as compared to the oblique which took some time for adjustment. The oblique holder I bought was made for the Nikko G and other similarly sized nibs. It keeps my slant the same which lends a “professional” look. The grips are not the most comfortable but I don’t write for very long periods of time so it’s no problem.


Nikko G and the Brause EF

The Nikko G nib was made for beginners! It was simple for me to pick up. I do not recommend going straight to dip pens without mastering faux calligraphy and/or brush calligraphy. I can’t say much for the Brause EF. Maybe I need to adjust more… The flow simply isn’t working.

Final Words…

I highly recommend shopping at Paper and Ink Arts. The website is simple and clear to follow. However, try to use a coupon! If you have any questions, fell free to ask!


P.S. Here’s a peek at the cute DIY-ed box I use to store my supplies. Made with Jane Davenport collage papers and the paper pad; old poster board, acrylic paint, and wrapping paper.

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