Back to school notebook covers


Are you ready for school? I’m not ;-). But, oh well, let’s warm up by decorating some notebook covers.

Lab Notebook

Ok, so here I have a standard composition notebook. IMG_9070[1]

Some people sand the covers before beginning but I personally have seen not difference between sanded and not sanded covers.

Cover the spine with artists/blue tape.

Begin by painting acrylic paint all over the cover (work on one side at a time).


I love blue so I did a blue ombre effect!


Continue with the other side. Don’t you just love the blue?? 😁😁

AFTER THE PAINT IS DRY, do not skip this step!! Add little scraps and collage papers.

On mine, I’m using Jane Davenport Collage Papers, Jane Davenport Paper Pad (both available at Michael’s), some old wrapping paper, white acrylic paint, metallic teal texture paste, and a handmade stencil (check this post out) for the scales.



Last step: write lab on the front using a Silver Sharpie.

Front cover
Back cover

Sorry this is a little late guys!


P.S. Here are before and after pics of another notebook I did. Tell me what you think in the comments!


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