New Supplies: June

  1. Progresso Koh-i-noor Woodless Color Pencils
  • I tried black, dark green, light blue, light grey
  • bought it at Little Otsu in Portland f0r $0.95 each
  • Outcome: vivid, bright colors; lovely, soft lead (softer than Crayola and Prang) [I can’t judge properly because I haven’t used Prismacolor Color Pencils]
  1. Molly and Rex Dotted Grid Notebook
  • in a set of three (one graph, blank, and dotted grid) notebooks (in store only at Michael’s)
  • purple dots
  • 40 pages
  • wrote with Micron, Jane Davenport paint pen, and Tombow Fude with no bleed through
  • good size; roughly the same as A5 notebook from Daiso
  1. Jane Davenport Matte Acrylic Paint Portrait set
  • @ Michael’s
  • comes with brush and stencil
  • easy to sketch over with color pencils
  1. Jane Davenport Paint Over Pens
  • ink flows smoothly
  • easy to use (no shaking or pressing the nib)
  • permanent acrylic ink
  • comes in pink, turquoise and two different sized white pens
  • It dries very quickly however the white pen aren’t the most opaque

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