Custom Stamp from The Stampmaker Product Review

Howdy folks!

A few months ago, I finally decided to order a custom stamp from The Stampmaker. I had been eyeing a self inking stamp and I took the plunge. I decided against a rubber stamp since it was more expensive and not quite what I needed.

I designed my logo on Adobe Illustrator. (Side note: quaint & darling the business was founded in 2013 and the blog came around in 2017)


Stamp: Trodat Printy 4924 Self Inking Rubber Stamp

Size: The stamping area is 1.5 inches by 1.5 inches (I chose this size so it could fit neatly on the backs of ATC’s and small labels)

Ink Color: Black

Ink Drying Time: A few seconds to prevent smearing

Cost: $18.75 (plus shipping and handling)

Here are a few photos:

The Stampmaker(1)

My thoughts: I ordered the stamp on Wednesday and received it in the mail on Saturday. I’m extremely pleased with how it turned out. I’ve been using this to mark my ATC’s and brand my notebooks. The stamp is spot on when compared to my original design–no mess ups or odd mistakes.

Here’s the design I designed using Adobe Illustrator (the watermark added using Adobe Spark).

My Post.jpg

What did you think?

Have you ever ordered a custom product online? Would you order a stamp from The Stampmaker? If you have any questions regarding ordering, let me know!

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