Get bullet journal-ling!


So, what is a Bullet Journal? Why should I get one?

Bullet journal-ling is a way of planning–looking ahead and looking to now!

Let get started! (the source of this post is

Required Supplies

Nothing fancy needed!

  • Pen (I love using Micron 03)
  • Notebook–doesn’t matter whether lined, dotted, grid, or blank (I use a Daiso blank notebook)

Rapid Logging: The Basic Building Block

Write the date and add bullets (things you need to do, notes, events…)

(For more detail, visit

Rapid Logging

The Index is the first page in your bullet journal. It is basically a table of contents. Some people use it, some don’t. I found that I rarely, if ever, checked it.


The Future Log

This is used to store items for the future reference. List six months ahead.

I like to list dentist appointments, concerts, big tests…

Future Log
The Monthly Log

Here is your monthly calendar. Begin by listing the days of the month (1 to 30/31), then add the days of the week. For example, 7W is June 7, a Wednesday. List important events. I like to write a word summarizing my day on the current line.

Monthly Log

The Daily Log

Here is where you put to do lists, events, notes about the day.


Add other collections (lists of books to read, a bucket list, movies to watch…)

Also add pages with art prints, watercolor…



Start simple. When I started I saw so many complicated logs. I found it was easier to decide if this worked for me or not. It’s a great way to organize time!


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