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Real life is more extraordinary than a fairy tale. Anything can happen and will happen; limitless, magical possibilities await you. I try to inspire a spirit of a creative through quaint & darling. I also share my thoughts about life and my attempts at being a creative. A creative is a person who follows artistic pursuits and tries to live life with an artistic purpose. I hold several things very close to my heart: my faith, which influences all my decisions; my art, which has become a passion; my friends and family, who inspire and help me through life.

quaint & darling is how I try to inspire and influence others! Interested in books and writing and joining the book dragon club? Check out this short story I wrote called “the grey heart!” Leaning more toward lifestyle posts? Read up on my current favorites here. here Trying to learn to bullet journal? Peruse these posts for inspiration.

I hope to see you around the blog!

live creatively ☼