my 2020 bullet journal setup

Oh, hello! I didn’t notice you there. *raises sunglasses*

Well, this post is overdue. But, I finally found a spare moment to take pictures of my bullet journal. If you’d like to see my bullet journal spreads right before this, check out this post.

A few details before we get started. . .

–I use a medium Leuchtturm1917 in Gold.

–The pens I use most are Micron Pigma, Muji gel pens, or Prismacolor Premier illustration markers.

–My favorite markers are Tombow Dual Tips and Zebra Midliners.

–Most of my graphics come from fashion magazines.


I had an undecorated page *gasp* and needed wanted to fill it in with a simple collage. The words are created with scrap pieces of paper (you know that half-inch of paper leftover from creating a card or whatnot?) and a bit of hand lettering. The other side has Linux shortcuts for a cybersecurity camp xD.


I was cleaning my desk and my craft boxes as one does and accumulated some memorabilia. What better way to remember the past than by creating a bullet journal spread?


My August monthly spread…featuring the first day of school. That was such a long time ago, or maybe it seems that way after finals xD.


Before school (oh the horror) started, my family traveled to Lassen Volcanic National Park and Yosemite National Park. It’s gorgeous at both parks. My sister and I had a lovely time kayaking at Lake Manzanita in Lassen and we’ve finally visited all of the separate parts at Yosemite.


My September monthly spread! I embraced the autumn vibe and went to the forest. Isn’t the little deer adorable?


My October monthly spread, where I went to Hogwarts. I’d probably a weird band nerd kid there if we’re being honest.


Ahhhhhh, the stars of my November monthly spread. I thought it was very clever of me *pats self on the back.* This was very much inspired by Anthropologie.


The cover for December. This features a foggy road that could most likely be found in the Pacific Northwest.


December. Playing off the warm holiday vibes of Christmas 💫


Since I didn’t finish my bullet journal, I decided to start 2020 in this one and finish it out this year! I don’t like wasting paper *shudders*


A mood board for 2020. It has such an urban indie vibe!


Every year or so, I like to write out my favorites and compare them to the past years and see how I’ve changed or haven’t changed. I also have my goals page for this year on the opposite side.


A yearly spread! I don’t use these too often, so the smaller, more compact size works well for me.


The first monthly spread of 2020 has a very delicate, floral aesthetic featuring the sepia Prismacolor Premier markers I received for my birthday from a friend.


February. Nothing more needs to be said.


I love this quote! I found it in a magazine and decided to copy the layout. I’ve been really fond of this Anthropologie/Free People/indie vibe lately and have been incorporating it into everything!

Well, that’s it.

What was your favorite spread? Do you bullet journal? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to chat!

live creatively,


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