What’s your style?


Let’s tackle a big question today: What’s your style? Do you often follow trends? Do you love being preppy? Do you have no idea? I’ll describe some basic “schools” of style below!

Let’s get started, shall we?

  • Preppy
    • Bright colors are your thing. You prefer to dress not quite formally but not too casual.
    • Key pieces: button down shirts, bright cardigans, ballet flats,
    • Brands: J. Crew, Banana Republic, Target
  • Trendy
    • You follow the trends–wearing what’s popular (currently: Adidas, skinny jeans, and others)
    • Key pieces: (change over time) skinny jeans, white sneakers
    • Brands: Adidas, Forever 21, Target, Old Navy, American Eagle, etc.
  • Retro/Vintage
    • You prefer to wear so called “outdated” styles, such as wide legged pants, high waist bottoms, bandannas…
    • Key pieces: (Varies with the person) vintage denim, bandanna/scarves, retro t-shirts, band tour shirts
    • Brands: Thrift stores/flea markets, Gap, Mod Cloth, Levi’s, Madewell, etc.
  • Athleisure/Athletic
    • You like to be sporty and ready to run (get it??) While looking great, you’re also very comfortable.
    • Key pieces: Fit leggings, cute running shoes
    • Brands: Lululemon, Gap Fit, Athleta, Old Navy, etc.
  • Homey/Cozy
    • You choose comfort over anything else, making cozy look cute. You might live in jeggings, sweatpants, or large t-shirts.
    • Key pieces: cozy sweatpants, shawls, sweatshirts, joggers
    • Brands: Gap Body, Target, Aerie, etc.
  • Unique
    • You wear whatever you feel like. You might switch styles… and grab accessorizes from others.
    • Key pieces: Varies with the person
    • Brands: Anywhere and everywhere, etc.

What style(s) do you identify with? Favorite piece of clothing?

Live creatively,


11 thoughts on “What’s your style?

  1. *cough* I think I’m “undefined,” i.e. does not pay attention to what clothing brands she wears and whose style is oddly reminiscent of her life…

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  2. Unique!!!! XD
    As you know, I literally wear anything and everything that I think looks cute. Sometimes i even wear things that I don’t like! ;P

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