Hi guys!

What did you think when you read the title? Probably “is this like tattoos?” “umm…what is it?” I’ll begin with a flashback to my past…*Lights darken, smoke comes in*

I was visiting Harper’s Ferry National Park in the East Coast last summer. I saw this tatting kit in the gift shop. I’d seen seen these kits before but wasn’t sure. It was called “My First Tatting kit” made by Historical Folk Toys. I ended up buying the kit and began it when I got home.

So what is tatting? Tatting is making lace by way of knots. It was super popular with ladies during the 1800’s . I totally support bringing back all these historical handicrafts.

Why would I bring it up now? Well last weekend, I went to one of the coolest museums ever (Lacis Museum of Lace and Textiles in Berkeley). Click here to see the post. They also had a very nice, well stocked shop filled with vintage clothing, thread, ribbon… I saw their big collection of tatting shuttles and decided to buy some thread which I’ve been having trouble acquiring locally. I chose a lovely violet cord (insert pic). I played around and made some bracelets. Here are some photos.

Lizbeth Cordonnet Cotton Size 10
My current project
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9 thoughts on “Tatting

  1. Dear Gaby,
    I’ve been tatting for six years. Are you still Tatting? Georgia Seitz does free online classes. And there are Conventions in the USA, If you have any tatting questions, I may be able to help.
    Have a great week.


      1. Hello again,
        There are plenty of online weekly classes through Georgia Seitz where students can chat with the teacher, I think it’s Monday and Thursday, shuttle and needle. There are also her online tatting videos.
        Lots of Facebook tatting groups.
        Palmetto Tatting Convention In Toccoa Georgia early September, Fringe Tatters convention in Ontario Canada late September, FingerLakes In Spring, Shuttlebirds after that, and one in Indiana at Tatting Corner in July. Tatting Corner is where I get most of my tatting supplies.


  2. Oh! I tried tatting a couple of years ago but didn’t get very far. Yours looks so nice! Have you ever tried bobbin lace? I was really into it a couple of years ago, but I couldn’t make much more than bookmarks since my pillow wasn’t the right type.

    Maybe I ought to pick up tatting again…


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